Reassessment Policy (RE-DO)



To further promote student learning and comprehension, the implementation of the following guidelines will dictate the framework for a policy allowing students to retake assessments. Any student may request a retake in order to further their understanding and learning of material assessed. The goal is for a student to achieve mastery and thus further their education. Guidelines:
Students will have the ability to redo any TWO assessments of their choice during each semester provided the following guidelines are adhered to completely:

A parent/guardian and student must submit a written request (i.e. email, note, etc.) for a redo within one week of an assessment being posted in PowerSchool,

No re-do’s are permitted in the last week of a marking period or semester. Once a marking period or semester ends, grades become permanent. RE-do’s on mid-terms and final exams are at the discretion of the teacher,

The student and teacher will create a “plan of study” that will enable the student to improve their success on the second taking of an assessment. The time frame of this plan is at the instructor’s discretion,

The student must give a sincere and complete effort in their “plan of study” in order to retake the assessment (i.e. answering questions completely and fully),

The instructor reserves the right to deny or suspend the ability to retake an assessment. Redo assessments may be an alternate version of the original assessment at the instructor’s discretion, and

Failure to meet the requirements of this policy will result in the original grade becoming permanent.