Penguins With A Chest

Penguins with a Chest

Standard Colors-Black, Pink, True Blue, Turquoise, Silver, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow, Forest Green, Peacock Blue, Terracotta, & Granite!

Small Penguin (4 1/2”)             $18.00 each (plus shipping if mailed)

2 or more $15.00 each (plus shipping if mailed)

Large Penguin (5 1/2”)             $25.00 (plus shipping if mailed)

Specialty Penguins

Glow-in-the Dark, Wood & Rainbow (small only $7.00 extra)

Body can be your choice of color as can the Chest/Belly, Face, and Beak

Standard Penguin has Granite or White Face and Chest/Belly, Yellow Beak, and Body Color of Choice.

Can be reached at

[email protected]

Put “Penguin” in the subject of the email request, please!

Other sizes possible with prior arrangements