Modern European I Final Exam

The Final Exam of Your European History Course!

Each student will be responsible for writing a total of three constructive responses over three different events or eras studied in the Modern European as designated below.

Renaissance                                              Age of Absolutism

The Enlightenment                                 Industrial Revolution

Protestant Reformation                      Triumph of Parliament

French Revolution                                   The First Global Age

The student’s first constructive response must fully develop the political significance of one of the above events or eras: concisely, accurately and fully.

The student’s second constructive response must develop the economic significance of a different event or era from the above list: concisely, accurately and fully.

Finally, the student’s third response must develop the social significance of yet another event or era from the list above: concisely, accurately and fully.

Each response should include a plethora of supporting historical evidence (i.e. pertinent vocabulary).