Mission Statement

English Castle

Mission Statement

“By wisdom a house is built, and through

understanding it is established: through

knowledge its rooms are filled with rare

and beautiful treasures.” (Proverbs 24:3-4)

A strong education is a bulwark against ignorance and helplessness. The educator’s role is to help the student in the construction and furnishing of a sound rampart against this plague To begin combating this pestilence, the establishment of a solid and sturdy foundation upon which to build is necessary.

As the organizer of this edification, the educator supplies the necessary tools to begin construction of the footing. His enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge helps temper the strength of the foundation. Once the partnership of mentor and student begins drawing on these implements, the footing and foundation of instruction are in place.

As construction begins, a proficient architect utilizes his knowledge and abilities to motivate and stimulate. A variety of equipment and methods assist in creating this developing structure of wisdom, so that information and its acquisition become truly special and wondrous treasures.

To make these treasures more than just simple trinkets or trivial accessories in a student’s citadel a caring educator will strive to give relevance and permanence to the student’s understanding. An educator continually experiments with new techniques, to present appropriate challenges and expectations of success, encouraging the student to discover the true value of learning.

Finally, the rooms of a student’s educational fortress fill withe these treasures. As a student achieves enlightenment, his education becomes true knowledge. Knowledge and its pursuit becomes not a chore but a lifelong love affair with learning. Learning and its pursuit becomes a castle and defense that can shield and preserve, while ignorance and helplessness can only cause destruction and decay.