Grading & Attendance Policies

School of Athens


Each grading period will be based on an average of all grades utilizing the following weighted criteria:

General , CP, & Honors Level Quizzes————————– 40%
Tests/Papers/Presentations/Projects————————- 60%

College US History & Some Electives
Quizzes & Presentations—————————————— 30%
Tests,/Papers/Projects——————————————– 70%

At the end of the year, an exam/project could be given that is worth 20% of your year grade.



Classroom instruction is a vital and important part of the learning environment for this class.

Thus, students who fail to attend at least 80% of all scheduled classes during any marking period will only be able to obtain a maximum grade of 70% for that marking period.

The only acceptable deviation to this policy is if a student is able to procure a doctor’s note for absences greater than the 80% threshold.


NO Make-Up will be given for an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE or TARDINESS (i.e. first period) for any assessment per the school’s policy.

A continual pattern of absence and/or tardiness on test days and/or when papers, projects and
 presentations are due will result in work NOT being accepted unless arrangements are made with the instructor.


Make-Up Work is due one day following class (or classes) for each class meeting missed starting with
  the day student returns from any EXCUSED absence.

It is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY for obtaining and completing any missed work.


LATE: Defined as being turned in at a time later than when collected by the teacher without prior arrangements being made!

LATE : But turned in with 1 calendar day* of the original due date (24 hours) will result in a maximum high score of 75%.

LATE : More than 24 hours but less than two weeks* will result in a maximum high score of 50%.

After two weeks,* no assignments will be accepted without prior arrangements with the instructor. *Week-ends and school vacation days included!
Students should arrange to submitted assignments to instructor electronically!

EXTRA HELP Extra help can be arranged with the teacher for either before, during or after school. Extra credit is not an option of the course!!!